Baldwin Entrance Emergency Egress Mortise Lock w/ Strike 2-3/4 BS Lifetime Polished Brass LH Reverse Bevel Lever Strength - 6075.003.LRLS

Product ID 6075
Product ID 6075
Product SKU 6075-003-L
Product SKU 6075-031-L
Product SKU 6075-033-L
Product SKU 6075-044-L
Product SKU 6075-050-L
Product SKU 6075-055-L
Product SKU 6075-056-L
Product SKU 6075-190-L
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For Knob x Knob or Lever x Lever
Mortise Lock comes with (6040) ASA Strike as standard.
Latch bolt by knob from either side, except when outside knob is locked by stop in front, then latch bolt by key outside and knob inside. Deadbolt by key outside and turn piece inside.
When Deadbolt is thrown, stop is automatically activated making outside knob rigid. Inside knob retracts latch and Deadbolt simultaneously but outside remains LOCKED.
1 in. throw Deadbolt with saw-proof inserts is standard equipment.
When extended, Deadbolt deadlocks latch bolt.
FSE: ANSI Series: 1000-F12/F20
NOTE: NOT recommended for double cylinder applications.
2-3/4 in. backset comes with 1-1/4 in. front.
NOTE: Baldwin recommends the usage of 2-3/4 in. backset locks for doors thicker than 2 in. or doors 8ft or taller.
WARNING: DO NOT USE Lever Strength mortise locks with knobs. They only turn one way and have a stiff turning action suitable for levers.
Mortise Locks are NOT available in Distressed finishes. Non-distressed equivalents 402=102, 452=152.
Specify finish when ordering.

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Product ID 6075/Product SKU 6075-003-LProduct SKU 6075-031-LProduct SKU 6075-033-LProduct SKU 6075-044-LProduct SKU 6075-050-LProduct SKU 6075-055-LProduct SKU 6075-056-LProduct SKU 6075-190-L

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