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Often used as an elegant and functional addition to a pair of french doors with very narrow stile conditions.
Cremone Bolts intended for use on INTERIOR doors only.
Cremone Bolts are sold less knob/lever. Customer should select Estate Collection knob/lever which is sold separately.
Cremone mechanism is handed. Select cremone in same hand as door.
When engaged, both throw bolts extend 0.75 in. into jamb and sill.
1.5 in. wide guides. Decorative covers to conceal guides are available at an additional charge.
Case is surface mounted with 4 no.8 x 1.25 in. Oval Phillips head screws for added strength and durability
Furnished with 3 strikes: one Universal, one Angle, and one Mortise to meet various door conditions.
A straight spindle must be ordered when trim is ordered for the exterior side of the door.
All 7 ft. Cremone Bolts are supplied with 4 guides
Supplied without decorative covers for guides.
Case Size: 1.75 in. x 6.25 in.
Top Rod: 0.625 in. x 40.875 in.
Bottom Rod: 0.625 in. x 38.875 in.
Packed one in a box with strikes and fasteners.
Specify finish when ordering.

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