Baldwin 85337L Bethpage Emergency Egress Handleset with Bethpage Lever

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Product SKU 85337L-003-LENT
Product SKU 85337L-003-RENT
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Product SKU 85337L-031-RENT
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Entrance handle, cylinder collar, knob, rose, and turn piece are manufactured of solid forged brass for maximum strength and durability.
Emergency Egress Handleset retracts the latchbolt and deadbolt simultaneously when the inside knob/lever is turned. Door will remain unlocked unless locked with a key.
Dummy handlesets are a non-functiong handleset with interior trim. No locking mechanism.
Estate lock sets are designed for easy installation in standard pre-bored wood or metal doors. The adaptor aligns the latch with the trim.
Lock sets accommodate a door thickness of 1-3/4 in. Conversion kit is available for 2 in. to 2-1/4 in. door thickness at an additional charge.
Adjustable backset 2-3/8 in. or 2-3/4 in. latch and deadbolt supplied standard.
Deadbolt and latch supplied with a 1 in. face plate.
Deadbolt is furnished with a specially designed reinforcing strike constructed of high grade steel for ultimate strength and durability. The strike is installed with two 3 in. security jamb screws and a dust box. The security strike is covered with an armored front to conceal the fasteners.
Latches are supplied standard with a full lip strike.
Deadbolt has a 1 in. throw when extended and a hardened steel insert for maximum protection and security. Latch bolt throw has a 0.5 in. throw when extended to fully engage the door jamb.
Fully Reversible: Accommodates most door conditions and facilitates easy installation.
Lockset accommodates 5-1/2 in. Center-to-Center dimension onlyn (distance between Center of Latch and Deadbolt)
Cylinder supplied with 5-pin keying.
Entrance lock sets are designed for use with all Estate knobs or levers.
Exterior Overall Dimensions: 2-31/32 in. x 17-3/4 in.
Exterior 3/4 Escutcheon: 2-31/32 in. x 10-5/32 in.
Exterior Lower Base: 2-1/16 in. x 3-25/32 in.
Exterior Handle Projection: 3-5/32 in.
Interior Escutcheon: 2-31/32 in. x 10-5/32 in.
Interior Turnpiece Projection: 1-3/4 in.
Interior Lever: 5-15/16 in.

Interior Lever Projection: 2-31/32 in.
Each Estate lockset is sold as a complete set.
Specify finish when ordering.

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Product SKU 85337L-003-LENTProduct SKU 85337L-003-RENTProduct SKU 85337L-031-LENTProduct SKU 85337L-031-RENTProduct SKU 85337L-050-LENTProduct SKU 85337L-050-RENTProduct SKU 85337L-055-LENTProduct SKU 85337L-055-RENTProduct SKU 85337L-056-LENTProduct SKU 85337L-056-RENTProduct SKU 85337L-102-LENTProduct SKU 85337L-102-RENTProduct SKU 85337L-112-LENTProduct SKU 85337L-112-RENTProduct SKU 85337L-150-LENTProduct SKU 85337L-150-RENTProduct SKU 85337L-151-LENTProduct SKU 85337L-151-RENTProduct SKU 85337L-190-LENTProduct SKU 85337L-190-RENTProduct SKU 85337L-260-LENTProduct SKU 85337L-260-RENTProduct SKU 85337L-264-LENTProduct SKU 85337L-264-RENTProduct SKU 85337L-402-LENTProduct SKU 85337L-402-RENTProduct SKU 85337L-452-LENTProduct SKU 85337L-452-RENT

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