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Cape Cod Brass, Inc.

Product ID 85355-BL
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Handing required when ordering interior lever.
Solid Forged Brass Trim
Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smart lock featuring Touch-to-Open technology.
Works with KEVO app and allows for unlimited sharing of eKeys. Kevo account is free.
Your phone is your key! Smartphone compatability: Apple iPhone 4S or higher or Android 5.0 (Lolipop) or higher.
Works with mechanical key, 5-pin C-keyway cylinder in active sets.
Works with Evolved Fob (three finishes available: 003, 055, 056) – sold separately.
Upgrade to Kevo Plus (sold separately) for real-time access history and remote locking/unlocking features via web browser or KEVO App.
Features LED lights to communicate with user (searching, locking, unlocking, low battery, error messages).
No Hard Wiring required. Uses 4 AA Batteries.
Removable window cover provides quick access to button programming and battery pack.
Full Dummy Handleset: Handle grip acts as pull only i.e. a non-functioning handleset. Interior style will include inactive turn-piece.
Door Prep: 2-1/8 in. cross bore for both deadbolt and grip. 1 in. edge bore for both grip latch and deadbolt latch.
Lock sets accommodate a door thickness of 1-3/4 in. Conversion kit available for 2 in. and 2-1/4 in. thick doors for additional charge.
Cylinder: Baldwin 5-pin C-keyway as standard.
Adjustable backset for 2-3/8 in. or 2-3/4 in.
Deadbolt and latch supplied with a 1 in. face plate.
Full lip strike for deadbolt and grip latch.
Deadbolt features 1 in. throw brass bolt latch with hardened steel insert. Grip offers 1/2 in. brass passage function bolt.
Deadbolt exceeds ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 security.
Military grade PK1 encryption.
Exterior Handleset Overall Length: 15-7/8 in.
Exterior Handle Length: 6-1/2 in. screw-to-screw
Exterior Handle Upper Trim: 3 in. x 9-1/4 in.
Exterior Handle Lower Trim: 2-1/2 in. x 2-1/2 in.
Exterior Projection: 3-7/32 in.
Interior Turn-piece Trim: 3 in. x 5-9/16 in.
Interior Turn-piece Trim Thickness: 1-7/16 in.
Interior Turn-piece Projection: 2-5/16 in.
Interior Lever Projection: 2-1/4 in.
Interior Rosette: 2-3/4 in. x 3-7/32 in.
Interior Rosette Thickness: 3/8 in.
Available as complete set, interior trim only or exterior trims only. Inside trim includes deadbolt latch, strike and screws.
See further information at www.baldwinhardware.com/evolved
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  • 85355.003.BLENT, 85355.003.BRENT, 85355.003.BLFD, 85355.003.BRFD, 85355.031.BLENT, 85355.031.BRENT, 85355.031.BLFD, 85355.031.BRFD, 85355.033.BLENT, 85355.033.BRENT, 85355.033.BLFD, 85355.033.BRFD, 85355.044.BLENT, 85355.044.BRENT, 85355.044.BLFD, 85355.044.BRFD, 85355.050.BLENT, 85355.050.BRENT, 85355.050.BLFD, 85355.050.BRFD, 85355.055.BLENT, 85355.055.BRENT, 85355.055.BLFD, 85355.055.BRFD, 85355.056.BLENT, 85355.056.BRENT, 85355.056.BLFD, 85355.056.BRFD, 85355.060.BLENT, 85355.060.BRENT, 85355.060.BLFD, 85355.060.BRFD, 85355.102.BLENT, 85355.102.BRENT, 85355.102.BLFD, 85355.102.BRFD, 85355.112.BLENT, 85355.112.BRENT, 85355.112.BLFD, 85355.112.BRFD, 85355.150.BLENT, 85355.150.BRENT, 85355.150.BLFD, 85355.150.BRFD, 85355.151.BLENT, 85355.151.BRENT, 85355.151.BLFD, 85355.151.BRFD, 85355.190.BLENT, 85355.190.BRENT, 85355.190.BLFD, 85355.190.BRFD, 85355.260.BLENT, 85355.260.BRENT, 85355.260.BLFD, 85355.260.BRFD, 85355.264.BLENT, 85355.264.BRENT, 85355.264.BLFD, 85355.264.BRFD, 85355.402.BLENT, 85355.402.BRENT, 85355.402.BLFD, 85355.402.BRFD, 85355.452.BLENT, 85355.452.BRENT, 85355.452.BLFD, 85355.452.BRFD
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